Tuesday, May 19, 2015

$25 FREE clothes! plue FREE Shipping! Check it out!

Hey guys, I don't usually post non art related things on my blog but this deal is too good to pass up. And every little penny counts so I wanted to share it with ya'll, my frugal blogger buds...

You can get $25 worth of FREE clothes with FREE shipping for a short time. You gotta go get in on this!
Click the link below to get started!

They have kids and adult new and gently used clothing. They have a promotion right now where new accounts get $15 free clothing. (existing accounts get $10 free)
Then after you have created your new account go to Collections and create a collections list for an extra $10 FREE clothes. 

It's super simple! 
I got clothes for my daughter and my son.

Another awesome thing is that they donate a percentage of each purchase back to the schools that sent in the clothes. Awesome!

when you have made your purchase be sure to check the amount to be sure your credits are already applied and your total is 0 then enter your credit card # for verification and it won't be charged. They are a reputable company and I have done this several times with no problems. 

Good luck ya'll! Hugs!

Let me know what you found!

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