Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Junk Ranch ... Prairie Grove Arkansas ...

Well hello you guys!
I know, I know, it's been a while...
Yeah, I'm still here, and things are getting better all the time...
I'm still blogging off an on but my focus is on my upcoming 20 year anniversary and vow renewal in VEGAS! If you want to check out my progress check out my newest blog
Yes I'm so aware that I have too many blogs, lol.

It's spring and today is just gorgeous! I love it!
Last night I came upon information for a seriously cool junk show in my neck of the woods.
It's called The Junk Ranch and it's in Prairie Grove Arkansas.
Their next show is Jun 12-13 and then they will have one in early October. 

You guys know me, I can't pass up good junk, and if I didn't need to purge so badly I would totally be shopping this event (and may anyway ;-)
But seriously, I'm sending in my application today to be a vendor. 
I am doing a huge purge of cool junk, old furniture, vintage goodies, mixed media found objects for your art and much more. 

I'm totally letting go of all this junk surrounding me. Much like I did many years ago when I was all about scrapbooking and needed to let go the stuff I would never be able to use in a lifetime. I'm doing it again, only it's COOL STUFF! like metal baskets, old wood boxes, rusty metal, shopping carts, pretty furniture, and more. 

If I'm accepted to be a vendor I'll let you guys know! But still I hope you can go check out this awesome event anyway!

Hugs! :)

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