Sunday, July 15, 2012

Where Bloggers Create 2012

Hello everyone, I'm so excited to be joining in this year's Where Blogger's Create Blog Party. 
I hope you enjoy your visit.

I'm Thespoena McLaughlin, a mixed media artist and teacher living in Arkansas with my family. It's been an exciting year so far, my studio was published in the spring 2012 issue of Studios Magazine,  I have an article out in the current issue of Somerset Studio Gallery, and I will be teaching 3 classes at Create Mixed Media Art Retreat in Chicago this August.
Last year during the Where Bloggers Create party I was just building my new studio using all recycled materials and if you want to see what it looked like then you can see it here... 

 I thought I would start today's visit by showing you some of my flowers. We are going through a drought right now so we don't use much water, which is why the grass is brown and crispy. 
My Zinnias are looking very lovely thanks to my hubby making sure they are watered, each day we get home from work and they are positively wilted to the ground and each night he waters them and our tomato garden and then in the morning they are back to being beautiful again. It's a good thing they are so resilient.

 My youngest daughter's sunflowers are also doing well.
 The bumble bees are doing their job to pollinate.
 And the crispy grass in the yard, It's a sad state. But we move on...

So this year, the outside of the studio is still not completed but it's getting there. 
I have begun collecting different patterns of ceiling tin to do a patchwork of tiles across the ceiling inside. 
It's tough to find this stuff here where I live though. I guess there weren't many hillbillies putting tin in their cabins, lol. 

But I have made good progress on the inside of the studio. . .

 One of the wals in my studio is covered with antique sheet music.

 A few of my Halloween themed projects.
 Above is one of the projects I'll be teaching at Create in Chicago.

 This is my great grandpa's (on my mother's side) jewelers bench he built himself above.

And below is my grandpa's (on my dad's side) watch repair bench that he built. 
As you can see, I come from crafty genes.

 I actually have two dress forms but one is currently in my flea market booth wearing vintage clothing that is for sale. :)  This one wears my apron and some of my jewelry creations.

 These drawers hold some of my favorite pieces of antique hardware and also some rubber molds that I have made of different pieces of hardware and antique buttons.

 The pegboard I made with an antique frame I painted. And some of my most used tools.

 I found this antique book at a flea market and really couldn't pass it up. It's such a quaint piece. It has a lot of references as to the differences between the roles of men and women at the time, but it also has lots of inspiration within it's pages. It's so fun to read! Plus the cover is just amazing! Embossed with gold leaf applied. "The Royal Path of Life"

 I got that antique paper roll holder for my birthday last year. I couldn't believe it was actually my color, aged blue!

 These are some of my favorite tins.

 The artwork I made with my dad's metal detecting finds and the Magazine that features it on the cover. 

 I'm addicted to rust, if you can't tell. I love my metal detector and love using the things I find in my art even more. That art piece above and my dad's metal detecting finds inspired me to give metal detecting a try myself. It's truly a fun hobby.
 I found some great antique frames recently for $5 each! I love all the details. I plan to make artwork specifically to go inside of each one.

 My sewing area. About to be changed up, I've decided that this giant corner desk is taking up more space than it needs to, so I plan to get rid of it and just put in a small fold out antique sewing cabinet instead. 

 Some wonderful treasures. Some rhinestones and some old lace. 

 I love 1920's leather purses. I've started a collection. 

 Blue glass jars and antique buttons and glass pearls, I shall swoon!

 Some jewelry I'm working on. 

 I can never get enough of fibers, and tiny pieces of fabric, lace, and old textiles.

 I also adore tarnished silver, a perfect place to store my German Glass Glitter. LOVE that stuff.

 Another of my favorite things is old mirrors with pretty etching. 

 A jar full of antique chandelier crystals and a dish full of vintage rhinestone trim.

 I love old keys and old pewter dishes.

 You can see a little of my stenciled floor here and some of my vintage jewelry finds. 

And one of the t-shirts I designed. All handmade myself...

 Behind the curtains, storage for supplies and more.

And my little rust garden outside my studio.

 Well that's me and my studio...

I hope you've enjoyed your visit, I appreciate you stopping by. 
I hope you have a wonderful time at the blog party. Please check out the other guests as well. 


Petite Michelle Louise said...

oh's dreamY! i LOVE the idea of all that mismatched pressed tin on your ceiling. very cool! and did I spy some awesome doorknobs in that fab organizer?? Lol! Love the fabric-covered shelf (?) just above your sweet head in that picture! i so enjoyed my visit to your creative haven thespoena! merci! ;)

Rita Barakat said...

Apparently I need t go shopping with you! I never find anything so cool! I love your space and all the goodies - I can't believe you found those frames for $5.! And the tins are fabulous!

Mary Ellen said...

Wow what a space!!! I am going to have to come back again and again just to soak it all in!! Love the tin ceiling - the papered walls- all the creativeness abounding!!

Loving seeing all the wonderful spaces at Karens party

bee blessed

Bobbie said...

What an amazing creative space. And congratulations on your Somerset Studio Gallery Article. How fun..I will be looking for that one. You have so many great what inspiration.
Thank you for sharing. Best Wishes, Bobbie

Jennifer Pearson Vanier said...

What a great creative space!! I love all those little treasures and groupings.

Barbara Rogers said...

You sure have the market cornered on vintage things. Whow! I can tell you put a lot of effort into your studio. Hope you enjoy it as much as it was fun looking at all those pics.

A China Cupcake said...

I love your grandpa's hand hewn desk.I too love rust.
I picked up alot of old rusty but very fancy dresser handles from the Buockville antique fair. I noticed that you have mastered the art of pouring resin into you great jewelry pieces. I have failed at every attempt
to get the resin pored without spilling down the sides and oh those bubbles did you take or give workshops on resin jewelry techniques? I loved your studio thank you for inspiring me . Pat Beglin

Katherine said...

Hello there! :) I LOVE your creative space!!! I cant get over how beautiful and full of treasures it is! :D


Sandy Michelle said...

Wow, I love your peg board, art projects and how you used music sheets as wall paper!

Sandy xox

Auntie Cake said...

It's lovely Thespa! Can't believe all that you have done. Wow! Beautiful!
I had been trying, but I can't make Chicago this year. Sophie is coming home after spending all summer in Europe, and Dan works that night, so I will get to pick her up from the airport. I hate to miss out on all the fun, and you are so close then, but after two months of being gone, I need to see my girl. Enjoy it and take loads of pics for me!

Enjoy the rest of the week. I hope you get some rain soon. We are in the same situation. All our grass is brown, our corn is starting to dry up. We need about an inch a week for the corn, but we haven't had any rain for about three and a half weeks. On top of our dry winter, all is parched here too!

Lorraine said...

Hi Thespa--at first I didn't realize this was you!! :D
Your space is lovely, I really enjoyed the tour, I just love it all!! Have a great week! xo Lorraine

denise hahn said...

Thespa, I love your space, we have a lot of common loves. This place looks so magical and inspiring. love it!

Romeo said...

Meowllo! I am Romeo. Yes a cat. With a blog. Who has a studio. Who owns "her", although some days "she" forgets. Being the adventurer and having a passion for a good studio I thought I would venture out this evening and see a few studios! So VERY glad I stopped by yours! I love the idea of using recycled materials to build your studio and when you do get enough tin for the outside, it's going to be incredible! Right now though....who cares? The inside is wonderfully inviting and makes me want to explore every nook and cranny! Love the floor (hey I'm a cat I notice things down here) and I know "she" would too! We both love the color aqua - "her" because it reminds "her" of the ocean and me because it calls to mind my pond with the big fat fish. Not that I would eat them of course.....anyway, I digress...where was I?....oh yes, I so love your studio with all the laces, rhinestones, mirrors and RUST! LOVE LOVE LOVE rust! Thanks so much for sharing your studio with us today - I certainly enjoyed my visit!


Romeo and "her"

Helena White said...

I so enjoyed wandering through your creative space. It is fantastic, packed full of vintage treasures, all of which I love! I noticed your little Christmas is still up...its making me think, why not? lol! Thanks :)

ɱεɱσŗγ ɓσх ƈŗεąŧïσŋş

Kathy said...

Love love love your rust and lace!! Thank you for the tour.

fairyrocks said...

Congratulations on your publications. Well done and well deserved. To share such a gorgeous personal space is no small feat. You do amazing things here. Keep smiling and creating. thanks for sharing

Angela Weimer said...

Wow! Love all the vintage. I am drooling over all your wonderful finds. So much to look at and explore. thanks for the wonderful tour and have a great day. Angela

Linda Carole Bloom said...

You have come a long way with your studio! Love the papered walls, love the crown on the dressform - I have a crown obesession! And did you make the blouse you are wearing?? Under the jacket? Love that too. Now following you, Linda

Riki Schumacher said...

Hi Thespoena! So great to see you visited my studio tour. I LOVE all your beauties and treasures. Can I just have them all?? So Arkansas huh? I'm originally from Kansas, so howdy! Good for you being published and teaching. Have fun, I can see that you are. Take care, Riki

Sandy said...


Your studio is soooo inspiring and stunning, the design, collections, supplies, and amazing art, stunning!
Love every little detail. Thank you for sharing.

Shari Replogle said...

Oh, It is so lovely! I especially love the feed sack curtains on your work bench (I think I may have told you that before :) ! And, all of your gorgeous treasures, and beautiful creations!!! I would definitely love to play there :)

Cindy Craine said...

OK tell me about this metal detector! Where do you look? I have seen people on the beach using one but what do you find??? I love your studio because it looks like we collect a lot of the same things! Where do you teach? I'm always looking for new classes! Thanks for the tour! Come see me~ lillyslace~ cindy

awal.ny said...

Oh what a wonderful spot you have created for yourself. I don't what is my favorite, the storage pieces, the sheet music wall. Love it all.

mom said...

I just came upon your blog through Pintrest and I'm so glad I stopped by. I absolutely LOVE your craft room. I'm Green with envy! I would love to go shopping with you as I can never find such treasures at affordable prices.
Thank You so much for sharing!
Terri T

Charlene said...

LOVE your studio!!!! Thanks for sharing. So much fun to see something like this as it unfolds! Charlene

Magic Gypsy said...

What a great studio! Your work is beautiful - I love rust, too.

Lynn Stevens said...

Hi Thespa, Oh my, its been far to long since I've been over. May I first say your studio looks fabulous!!! I'm so proud of how you and your dh worked together your make your dream come true!
Next a Big WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO for your recent feature publication in Somerset Studios Gallery. Love your art work! also for having your studio featured. YOU GO GIRL!!! and congrats on your upcoming classes your teaching. Your un stopable now!!!!
Hugs Lynn

Doni said...

Full of yummy lovelies and rust!!
LOVE your space! I visited last year and still can't get over your gorgeous walls and furniture not to mention the bits and bobs of great crafty stuff!
I too have that book the Royal Path of Life! got mine for fifty cents at a garage sale, and it's WONDERFUL! Great thing for the younguns to read nowadays too...
Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful space. I love viewing it again!
Blessings, Doni

Journal Swag said...

I LOVE your studio!

Karen Valentine said...

Oh Thespa!!! Your studio is sooo yummy! You create a little bit of vintage heaven. :) There are so many things I would love to play with in there! Thank you so much for sharing it with everyone!

Maureen Hayes said...

I know I am terribly late, but I am determined to visit every studio and it has taken some time. Next year I will start at the end of the alphabet and work backwards. . . lol!

Your space is simply divine! I love all the "pretties" you have collected and displayed. How wonderful to have furniture from both grandparents and to have that creative gene on both sides, lucky girl!

I adored that you put your pegboard in that pretty frame and I am so jealous of your antique paper roll holder! Your whole studio made me swoon and I will be back to visit often. I am interested in checking out what you make and was so happy to hear that you are published in Stampington, Congrats. I will check the article out for sure!

Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful space with all of us.

EnchantedBella said...

I just love your space.

Michellee said...

O MY GOODNESS!!!!! I love love love love your workshop... A girl right up my alley.. What someone else calls junk we call it treasure.. I love the way you put together all your ideas in your space. And your ART is AMAZING.. Thanks for sharing.. I'm a new follower.. Can't wait to see your next post.

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