Wednesday, May 2, 2012

He's Coming Home!

Our boy is coming home is just a few days, we won't get to see him for a while yet but at least he will be out of Afghanistan. Please lord keep him safe on his last mission and bring him home swiftly. 
We love you George and we are so proud of you. 
Can't wait to see you!
Big Big Big Hugs!


Mosaic Magpie said...

I know you are so proud of him, as we are all proud of the brave young men and women that put themselves in harms way for our country. Wishing him a quick safe return home.

...the yorkshire fox... said...

...wonderful news...may God speed him home on silver angel happy for you Thespoena...Mel :)

Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

Godspeed! Thank you to your son, my grandnephew and all the men and women who put themselves in harm's way for us ((HUG))


Sarina said...

A great man, your son, fighting for our freedom.Yes, the freedom of Europe too.
I am so happy for you,that he is coming home
God bless.


Auntie Cake said...

So happy that he is on his way home at long last! Yippee!!!

Bodhi said...

So happy for you and your family! Blessings!

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

What a long awaited homecoming it will be. Please give your brave son a huge "thank you" for me. My oldest has been in the California National Guard for 3 1/2 years and so far has not been deployed. We pray for all our brave troops every day.

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