Saturday, April 7, 2012

Bar Stool Slipcover & Some Yard Sale Treasures...

Hi everyone, sorry I haven't been around much lately. I just haven't had the time, worked 25 hours of overtime last week.
But I took yesterday off and spent most of it in the studio but first I went in search of some yard sales. Although I didn't find many (sadly) I did find a few neat things that I will share with you in a minute.
First I want to show you the new (old) bar stool that I found and how I covered it...
 Here is my new stool in all it's ugliness. But it had all the things I've been looking for in a stool for the studio. Thick cushion, swivel, sturdy base, tall enough for my standing work bench, and rubber covers over the feet so it doesn't scratch my painted floor. :)
 I picked up some fabric and a pretty curtain from Hobby Lobby to make a cover.

 I almost decided to skip the piping but I'm glad I didn't now. It didn't take much time to make and it looks really nice.

 I draped the fabric over the back of the chair (I thought I took a pic of that) and pinned it then took it off, marked it with a pencil, and repined it with the piping inside.

 I laid a piece of fabric over the seat cushion and traced it out, making sure to mark where the back o the chair was because it wasn't perfectly round. Then cut it out and pinned the piping onto it.
I sewed the piping on first so it would be easier to sew the side piece on.

 After I sewed the side on, I trimmed it close.

 Dry fitting and trying to decide how to attach it.

 I sewed the bottom front of the back cover to the bottom back of the seat cover.

I cut out a 3" strip of blue and a 6" strip of cotton fabric and basted them together then gathered them around the chair for the size.

 Then I sewed the ruffles around the bottom edge of the slipcover.

 And here it is, looking much better than before. I'm planning on stenciling a design on the back and the seat but haven't decided what yet.

 And now for my yard sale finds. I found these two frames, the one on the left was $2 and the big one on the right was $5. Score!
 They started out gold and I started painting them.
I didn't find my long lost camera till after I put on the first coat. lol
And I found the cute glass pail (told everyone it's my Easter basket, lol) and the blue glass canning jar as well as the beautiful old blue tatted lace.
So that's it, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
Happy Easter!


Susanne said...

Nice job! I also love the lace on burlap skirting on your tables.

deb christensen said...

beautiful sewing! it turned out great. great score on both the frames & that glass bucket - ooooo

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