Monday, March 19, 2012

The Royal Path of Life...

I went to the flea market today at lunch and I found the most exquisite old book. I could not find a publication date but there is an inscription on the first page from 1882.
The cover is leather with embossed design and lettering. 
There are some amazing images within, as well as lettering on each chapter. The text is very inspirational if not seriously outdated as it would be, some parts talking a lot on the role of men vs. women (pretty scary stuff, lol) So glad I live now and not then. But I still love the book.

I little excerpt:
"Life is before you! from the fated road
You cannot turn; then take ye up the load,
Not yours to tread or leave the unknown way,
Ye must go o'er it, meet ye what ye may.
Gird up your souls within you to the deed,
Angels and fellow-spirits bid you speed!"

I truly love that last line "angels and fellow-spirits bid you speed" that's how I feel about all my bloggy friends! Hugs!


Penni said...

Oh my - what a fabulous find.


Gail said...

What a stunning book! You know we would have fought over that one......too pretty!

Sarina said...

Beautiful book
And thank you for the lovely freebies.


fairyrocks said...

Delightful picking!!
Thanks for sharing, an old book is like an old friend so good to have around.

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