Thursday, March 15, 2012

Help! Are U in Chicago? Need Info.....

Hi all, I'm still without my camera so no pics, but I have a question for anyone living in Chicago...
I will be teaching classes at Create Mixed Media Retreat Chicago in August. 
I have been to Chicago once before and seen some of the "touristy" places to see. Absolutely LOVED the Field museum. But I want to know about the awesome out of the way places that only a local would know about. 
I will have one day (a Thursday) to seek out some wonderful fun places and I need input. I was browsing places online, like thrift stores, flea markets etc but you just never know, even with reviews. 
I saw one place "Whooly Mammoth Antiques" that peaked my interest and it seams like the kind of fun interesting place I'm looking for only I want a place with a little less fur thrown around, lol.
Anyone got any suggestions?
I love old things, reasonably priced, not antiques at top dollar (yeah don't we all, lol)
vintage, unique stuff. 
You know, a good place to really spend some time looking around and sussing out treasures, not a place that is all manicured with two items on a pristine vintage table that has a $400 price tag! :)
Tell me about the places that are dear to your heart and why.
I would so appreciate it!

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