Sunday, February 19, 2012

Practical yet pretty Art...

 I finally got some studio time yesterday. It's seems like it's been forever. But life has an aweful way of doing that to an artist. You look up from your day to day and it's been weeks since you got to make anything.  I think the title on this piece is appropriate since I do feel free as the wind when I'm creating. Nothing matters, I'm able to just be and do as whim strikes.
After I made this piece of art I looked over at that really old doorknob, so perfect with it's natural rust and patina, the exact color in my piece and I decided to make a bit of practical art. So this will be a great hanger for a purse or some scarves. I would say coat but then you wouldn't be able to see that wonderful knob! No since covering up perfection, lol.
 I found an old dress at a flea market that had yards of that amazing Swarovski crystal rhinestone trim. It's some amazing stuff, not like the cheap glass and metal trim you find now days, it's just gorgeous and sparkles like you wouldn't believe.
 I found an entire spool (well half a spool) of antique sequin trim at a yard sale last summer, silver and tarnished with age (like an old mirror). Completely fabulous stuff. There is a bit of it all around the edge.
 The caption is out of an old book.
The knob I found in an ancient barn that was full of junk, lots of it burried into the ground and had to be dug out. This is one of those pieces that you can't recreate. Mother nature did a fabulous job on it, no?
I've got another little piece to show you tomorrow so come back by and visit me.


E Makes Art said...

Oh my! This is sooo stunning!! I love everything about this... that bird, the rhinestone trim (WOW!), THE KNOB (!!!), the words, etc... etc... Gorgeous piece! It's such an inspiring work of art, and functional too?! You amaze me yet again!


Ticking and Toile said...

Wow! So amazing! I couldn't even imagine having your talent & creativity!


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