Thursday, November 10, 2011

Carole Stupell Candelabra Find

I found this old glass candelabra at a yard sale last weekend. It was in a doubled up plastic shopping bag, kinda smooshed (each petal is individually handmade and wired, so they are a little out of place from being in that sack) but still pretty. It has about 30 years worth of dust on it which I am about to endeavor to remove carefully. I just think it's beautiful. When I got home I started looking at it and it has a sticker on the bottom that says "The Carole Stupell Collection". I went looking online for information about it because it is obviously well made and beautiful and very heavy. The base may be crystal and if I had to guess I would say possibly 1950's or 60's.  I found info on a store in New York and a few items here and there at antique sites with the same sticker but no where near this pretty that were quite pricey but that's about it.

Anyone know anything about this item? 

I'm pretty good at finding things on the web but this piece eludes me. 
I bought it because I thought it was beautiful, even though pink isn't really my thing, so I may be up for selling it if I can find out more about it. 

What have you found recently?


Sewn Seabee said...

I LOVE IT! Lucky Girl :) I never have such luck

My Blessed Serendipity Life said...

I have had these type of glass flowers. They are from the 1930's. Not sure if they came on your candlesticks or if someone added them later. Anyway they are quite beautiful!


Thespa said...

Most definitely not added on. The wire work is done in such a way that it was made all at once. Hope I can find out more about it.

Lululiz said...

It is beautiful! The pink flowers are just delicious.

Robin Sanchez said...

I have one like this in yellow that I found at a thrift store recently. I would love to know what you find out!


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