Monday, November 14, 2011

Breaking in the Studio with a craft day! New Art!

Sat. was the first official craft day in the studio. 
My best friend Lydia came over and we worked in the studio with my daughter Abbi.
 Abbi got some new play dough and was crafting it up at the sewing desk.

 Lydia was over at the watch bench working on a book page wreath that is going to be gorgeous!

 And I was over at the work bench working on an art doll Santa Clause. See my mess.

 Stitching the hat band.

 Deciding on how to attach the feet. Also my hubby brought home a piece of Plexiglas from work that had gotten broken at the corner, and it was the perfect size for the center of my work bench to protect the pages underneath. I also slid a couple of old family pics of my dad underneath.

 The body of the art doll is a couple of old playing blocks altered with paint and old paper. 

 Abbi's drawing of Lydia, me, and herself.

 Attached the parts.

 And finished up.

He's a shelf sitter.
Sunday I made some jewelry but I'll share that tomorrow. :)
Have a happy day!


Heather - Speckled Egg said...

Your Santa is adorable! Love the colors!

7 Treasured Acorns said...

Thespa, what a great Santa, too cool. I love the fabrics,lace and paper you used. But that face is so cute it reminds me of the warmth of the season. Thanks for sharing,

Createology said...

How cute and creative your little Abbi is. Fabulous way to break in the studio with friends and family and being productive and creative! Wonderful week to you...

Teri said...

Wow!! He is the coolest Santa I've ever seen made!! Great job!!

Elly said...

What a creative day and your Santa is just stunning!!(:o)

Denise said...

Love all of it! That's my kind of fun.Wish I could have played along.Right now I'm having a crafts book giveaway that I think you would enjoy.Visit me to see if I'm right.Denise

Wanda AKA "Craftymule" said...

How fun!!!! I can't wait to come over there and make some art with you guys! Love the Santa shelf-sitter! He's going to make a nice addition to your studio! Hugs!!!

FredaB said...

The Santa is adorable and very original.

I can't wait for your shop to open.



Lynn Stevens said...

What a darling Santa and looks like you all had a wonderful playday!
hugs Lynn

Sandy Michelle said...

I Love the Santa doll and your Daughter is sooo cute!

Sandy xox

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