Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Taylor Swift To The Rescue!

 It's been so hot for so long it seams like the summer lasted forever. I was so looking forward to fall that I was caught off guard when a little bit of  "winter" sideswiped me this morning. We went out to the car and the windshield was white, I looked for my scraper only to realize that I don't have one. What? Where's my scraper? Anyway, the kids needed to get to school and I needed to get to work...that's when Taylor Swift (yes the singer) came to our rescue. She just showed up out of the blue and made the morning work. 

If you've never used a CD case to scrape your windshield I've got to say it works quite well, lol.
Hugs! Stay warm!


Wanda AKA "Craftymule" said...

Isn't it crazy how the weather here shifts "just like that?" I had to defrost my car this morning, too. And look out - it's going to be in the 20's tonight. BRRRRHHH! At least we can stay indoors (when we're not working) and craft our little hearts out in the warmth of our workspace.

By the way, I LOVED getting together with you last week. Had a great time! Can't wait to do it again!

Wanda AKA "Craftymule" said...
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Upcoming events...

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