Friday, October 21, 2011

Studio Progress, Decorating, and moving in Little by Little

 I'm getting things moved into the desks and decided my grandpa's old watch bench would look really cute with glass knobs instead of the wood ones so I'm working on that.

 I got some things situated on the workbench, installed half of the paper holder I found for my birthday (when I say half there were actually two old paper roll holders that were screwed together but they were too tall to fit under my cabinets so I took them apart) I just love the color! And it will be very handy to have that paper at the ready to use to cover the workbench during messy projects.

 I also installed another shelf above the pegboard and it's filling up fast.

 Here is my sewing corner with the bottom half of the paper roll holder that I plan to attach to the edge of the sewing table to hold a roll of backing. As you can see I'm still working on this area.

The studio is starting to feel a little more like home each day. It's slow going but I'm very pleased with the progress this week.


Createology said...

Thespa your studio is really coming along and now I can see just how great your working spaces will be with all of your supplies at the ready. You should be so very proud of your job well done!

Kitten said...

Your studio is looking fabulous, Thespa! I'm loving all the pix showing your progress & ideas for storage & decor. You'll end up with a most wonderful place to create.
===^..^=== said...

What a great table top!

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