Monday, September 26, 2011

Vintage Style Painted Sign Tutorial

 I got my little sign painted this weekend for my studio and I thought I would share the process with you step by step.

1.  I found a very old wooden chair (100+ years) that was dry rotted in places and broken to pieces. The piece I used for this sign was the top back of the chair, in this picture you are looking at what would have been the back of the chair and it's turned upside down. It was a very dark wood in poor condition so I painted it off white. for a nice base coat.

 2. Design your words using Photoshop or other editing software, Word would do just as well. If your words are larger than a sheet of paper just tape the sheets together as I have done here.

3. A simple way to transfer your design is to color the back of your words with a crayon.

4. Next place your words where you want them on your sign and trace around the edges, making sure you don't shift your paper while doing so.

 5. Now that all of your lines have been traced you can start painting in your letters.

 Partially complete.

 Floor paint I used just so that my sign would match my floor color. :)

 Finished painting the letters.

 6. Now that your paint is dry use fine grit sandpaper to sand over the entire sign. This gives it that gently aged and time worn look. Coarse grained sandpaper will make it look harsh and scratched up.

 See how the painted words have been aged with the sanding as well as the edges of the sign.

7. The last step is to wipe on wood stain and then wipe it off before it dries.

The final result is a nicely aged personalized sign that could be hung in a studio, garden, front deck or anywhere you choose.


Gail said...

I love your sign, great job on it. What character it has because of the wood details on the old chair back.

Hobbyaholic (April) said...

Nicely done. Thanks for the crayon transfer tip. said...

that is such a pretty font, and a great color! Isn't it nice to save something old and wonderful from a landfill?

Sandy Michelle said...

I love the blue you used! I always wondered how people traced the words perfectly. Thanks for sharing!!

Sandy xox

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