Thursday, September 1, 2011

Framed pegboard Cabinet! And a little accident...

 Perhaps you saw this framed pegboard I made from a vintage mirror a few posts ago. This is it's intended purpose. A cabinet with the framed pegboard as the door.
I will be hanging tools on the pegboard and inside the cabinet I will store my glues, varnishes, etc.

You can see part of my hubby standing next to it and so can tell it's no small cabinet. It's going to hold a LOT of stuff!
I still have to pain the inside and outside of the cabinet and then I'm going to collage some old book pages onto the back.  I'll share more when I get it finished.  :)

After I wrote this post last night Rodney and I were working in the studio to get the last piece of ceiling panel in and it fell and hit me in the forehead. Two bandaids side by side barely covers the cut. Ugh, we really need to get this studio finished. First Rodney, now me, it's out to get us I'm telling you. LOL. My friends and family have now vowed not to enter till it's done for fear of retaliation. Hehehe....

Hope your week is going great!

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