Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Burlap Wall, Old Book Pages & A List of Things Still To Do!

I'm trying to decide what I'm going to do for the walls in my studio.
I know for sure that one wall (my accent wall if you will) will be collaged with old book pages. 

That wall will be opposite my work bench which will also be collaged with old music pages similar to the one below... 
The other 3 walls I'm thinking about covering with burlap. I just love the look of burlap and it would give me a way to tone down the white walls. I am thinking that all my trim will remain white. I don't have the option to paint my walls because the materials we are recycling don't paint well, so covering them with something is the only other option. 

Mine won't be loose like this but I like this setting. :)

I've been wandering around Google during lunch today and "Pinning" images of burlap covered walls  to my Pinterest account.
I think they are going to look great with this treatment.

I've also been going through my head and trying to write down all the things that still need to be done in the studio before I can move in...
These are the things I can remember at the moment (I'm sure I've forgotten something)

Collage book page wall and seal.
Fill gap in workbench with wood putty and let dry.
Paint frame of workbench and let dry.
Collage bench with old book pages and seal.
Remove pegboard cabinet (decided to hang pegboard "flat" against wall)
Put wall board up around door and window and finish trim.
Finish out ceiling trim.
Put burlap on East, South, and West walls.
Rehang framed pegboard.
Build cabinets above work bench.
Add last layer of floor.
Add front supports to work bench.
Paint floor.
Stencil Floor.
Add bottom trim around walls.
Hang Christmas Lights on Ceiling.
Move furniture in etc...
 Finish outside paneling and wrap eaves.

Phew! Man have I got a lot of work still to do!

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