Friday, September 2, 2011

Art Genes Run in the Family...

The day before yesterday when I picked my 6 yr old up after school she had 2 drawings that she did on her own. This first one kind of blew me away, not because the lines are precise or because it's a masterpiece (which in my mind it kinda is) but because of the composition she chose.  (are we seeing the rule of thirds here? In a first graders artwork?)
When asked she said no one helped her, she did it on her own. I love that she filled the whole page with color and that it is so symmetrical and yet each section has it's own colors, shapes and feel.
I'm thinking she's a natural. :-)

Abbi's second page she said "Is Abstract" -her words I swear. I said yes it certainly is. Should have seen my eyes bug out of my head. LOL.  Again I love how she filled the entire page with color not just one small drawing in the center. Oh and she says there is a hidden pizza somewhere on the page, lol. Not too shabby for a girl who just started first grade. 
I'm just in awe that she gets these two concepts at such a young age. Proud momma here!

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In the Light of the Moon said...

Be proud Momma..her work is to precious!!Hugs,Cat

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