Thursday, July 14, 2011

Where Bloggers Create Blog Party! Visit my studio!

So today is the big day...and I'm SOOoooo NOT READY!
But I shall go on anyway.
I have not finished building my studio yet but I'm getting closer everyday. 
In the meantime I'm planning out every detail so that when the time comes to move in and decorate (or vise versa) It will go quickly (HOPEFULLY)

Hold on folks, this is going to be a long one...

So I guess I'll start with a picture of my 12x12 studio building as it stands now...
Yep, we still have a little ways to go but we're getting there little by little, after work during the week days and on weekends.
Lots of recycled materials were used in this building. Doing our part to keep things out of landfills!
And it helps if you don't have to buy all those materials so double bonus.
Two of the walls and the entire floor are made out of used shipping pallets.
Looking in through the window, See my floor? Now you know why I'm painting it :)

Next I want to show you my floor plan, the furniture, and the decorating inspirations that have helped and will help me to create my space the way I want it....
This is my basic floor plan which incorporates all the furniture pieces I will be putting in my space.
The floor will be painted with Behr Jamaican Mountain Porch and Floor Paint and
 I will then use the old lace table cloth as a stencil in the middle to spray paint the lace design in white on the blue floor.
After that I will rub a layer of stain on and then wipe it off to "age" the look so it won't be so bright and then finally a few coats of polyurethane. (Yeah I know, it's going to take forever! Lot of steps to that, wish me luck!)

 The east wall begins with the door which is steel so I can use it as a magnet board, bonus!
The only window looks out on our front yard with a big oak and a cedar tree for shade (or it would if it wasn't frosted glass, LOL, but using recycled materials and cheap windows I found at a yard sale for $5, I'm not about to complain, I'm just happy it's going to have a window at all, LOL) Under the window is my grandpas watch bench (my dad's dad Arnold used to be a watch repair man for Rolex then owned his own jewelry business) It needs some cleaning up. I will be using this area as my soldering station, as there is ventilation and plenty of light in front of that window as well as lots of drawers for storage.
Next is my dress form, so glad to have a real space for her, she was getting cramped in the corner of my kitchen with supplies all stacked around her. :(

 The south wall will have a 2ft deep by 12 ft wide counter top, Yeah! Lot's of room to create work. 
I was originally planning to have a fold up table under the counter but have decided to nix that. It will have 3 curtains similar to ones made by Magnolia Pearl (where I can hide a small folding table if I need more space on a temporary basis)
The top of the counter will be made of recycled plywood (from old signs) so I have to cover them and I love the idea of using book pages to do it.
Above the counter top will be two sets of shelves, one on each side that will have curtains as well. Above those shelves will be the vintage metal baskets I recently painted white. I am going to make some natural burlap liners for them as well....eventually.
In the center I will have one shelf instead of the 3 shown in my plan (what can I say plans change until it's built) Under that one shelf will be a framed piece of pegboard to hang my tools.

The west wall will house my Victrola cabinet that I found at a yard sale (so love the shape of it and it will be a great storage piece. Still haven't decided a hundred percent if I want to keep it dark, thinking about painting it blue then white then sand and add dark wax? What do you think? Leave it dark or bring it into the light? Haven't tried it yet but I think one of my white metal baskets will fit in that open top space. 
Next is My great grandpa's jeweler's bench (my mom's grandpa).
In the photo you can see the top of the bench and the tray that slides out as it is now in my dining area. The curtains underneath just aren't doing it for me anymore and I'm thinking on removing them completely so I can stack my "new" collection of old suitcases underneath.

Above the bench I'm going to hang my framed artwork and magazine cover.
Dedicated to my dad Larry Jones and using his metal detecting finds.
To the right of that will be the sewing area with my my L shaped sewing table that I got off  Freecycle (amazingly sturdy desk with lots of storage, couldn't figure out for the life of me why  they were giving it away, well except for the fact that it's quite large and bulky)
--Sorry no pic of that it's buried alive at the moment, LOL.--

 On the north wall in the corner is the same "L" shaped sewing desk with my sewing machine and the pin board I made recently above it. Still have to "age" the frame with some wipe on wipe off stain.
Next to the sewing table, instead of having a book shelf, will be my great grandma's antique chair.
Although it will be quite changed from that as I am painting and recovering it at this time. It will be painted blue then white, then sanded and dark waxed and finally recovered with coffee sack material. I've been wanting to make this old chair usable for a long time.
With it's bottom layer of paint...

Next to that I'm building some shallow shelves into the wall (as it is the walkway from the door) and they will hold my stamps etc. I'm also planning on recessing a couple of shadow boxes in that area to hold artwork etc. Trying to use every inch of available space. 
A few old drawers that need a little TLC with an old doll peaking out from underneath.

More goodies that will find a new home in my new space. Antique photos, frames, boxes, and knickknacks.

Some of my favorite things in my space now. My antique Whiting and Davis mesh gate top purse and an antique Whiting and Davis rhinestone necklace. A wonderful little angel art doll ornament given to me by JoAnna Pierotti from Moss Hill Studio (which is just incredible, you wouldn't believe the detail she puts into her work). An antique baby dress with handmade lace in the center. And the sign my daughter made me for Mother's Day in wood shop. "Bow to the Craft Queen" LOL, I even have a crown (to the right) from when I was Paper Crafts Magazine Stamping Royalty 2007)
I LOVE old blue glass canning jars. If only I had bought more of them at that yard sale a while back. I also adore old leather baby shoes, these were missing their buttons but then I only paid $3 for them so I didn't mind too much.

I hope you were able to follow that massive jumble of ideas and plans. 
If you want information on the images that were found on the web and that gave me inspiration you can find them all on my studio inspiration blog
I always link up to the owners there.


Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Thank you for showing us your ideas for your studio ~ It is going to be wonderful!!!

Suztats said...

It sounds like the perfect place for creating! I look forward to seeing it all completed.

Jo said...

oh that looks like it will be one welcoming studio! thanks so much for sharing it with us!

marie said...

Wonderful ideas for what will be a wonderful studio. Love those old drawers and the chair is awesome!

Thaks for sharing a peek with us!

Something Special said...

I am sure it will be fabulous when completed and we will all be jealous.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Well, it's going to be fantastic! I look forward to seeing it finished next year! Thanks for sharing your plans. Enjoy your weekend! Twyla

Debbie Burkey said...

Great job planning and using old things so creatively. Can't wait to see it finished. Well thought out! Love your antiques.

Jo said...

Your new studio is going to be fantastic! I love that you are using reclaimed materials, and definitely envious that you have not one but two vintage jeweller's benches!

TheFairyyellowbugQueen said...

Hon, your studio is going to be over the moon! With your eye and wonderful stash of fabby things you are going to have fun creating there I bet! I'm in love with those wooden pull out drawers. They get the imagination going that is for sure! *smiles* Norma

Tarnished and Tattered said...

Wow! I can't wait to see the finished studio. I love how you've incorporated family heirlooms & great finds into the space. How lucky to have watch makers in your family.
PS I loved your art in Sew! Just amazing.

Frosted Petunias said...

Hey missy, I can already see your studio is going to be over the moon amazing. I even love all the style sheets you made to show each area. I cant wait to see it all come together with that signature vintage style you do so well :)


Elizabeth (Blue Clear Sky) said...

You have a good start on your dream space with the construction so far and your plans. I love aqua mason jars and collect them too. Thanks for sharing and I hope you can visit my space some time too.

Cheryl De Beer said...

How wonderful to be able to make a space from scratch. I love the idea of the lace stencil on the floor! Looking forward to seeing it all finished

myartsdesire said...

What an ambitious undertaking! Can't wait to see how it turns out. The floor you were describing sounds so creative!!! Some things are worth all the extra effort and this sounds like one of those things! All of your vintage items are right up my alley! Best wishes as you continue building your dream. {adorable sign you daughter made too!} Xo, Sue

Terri said...

It's going to be fan-tab-ulous!!! I can see it all now... and what delightful creations will be created in there! TFS!!!

fairyrocks said...

So happy I found this link on your blog. Oh, the things you will create in your wonderfully planned perfect house. How excited are you?
Very sweet of your DH.
Keep smiling and creating

Rebecca said...

Perfectly fabulous place to create! Love it!


Valery said...

Oh you are so lucky to have that beautiful new studio... I just love it!

Linda Carole Bloom said...

Your studio is going to be so beautiful - I'm going to check back! I LOVE the stencil design of the lace tablecloth on the floor, what a great idea! Thank you for the tour - and I see by your latest blog that it's coming along well! Love, Linda

Susanne said...

Ok, you are now the 4th blogger with a separate building studio I've seen today! I think I need one too, ha! Maybe after telling my husband yesterday that I wanted a chicken coop in the back yard a studio would be a welcome change, double ha!

Seriously your plans look amazing, so excited for you, cheers to a speedy conclusion!

Angela Weimer said...

Wow your new studio is going to be amazing and how special to have your grandmothers chair in it. Your plans are so well done I cannot wait to check back on the finished room. Especially the lace table cloth stenciled floor. That sounds fab. Thanks for the tour and have a great day. Angela


First off, I like you blog design. It's unique. Second, you're doing a great job with your studio. I can't wait to see the finished room! And lastly, thanks for sharing your step by step process of your greatgrandma's chair. It turned out so beautiful! (And for a first time at that! Bravo!)
Glad I stopped by to see your beautiful creative word. I bow to the Craft Queen! (I love her!)

Tamatha said...

Your room is going to be amazing! I can't wait to see it all finished. I love how you have your plans laid out for each wall. Have fun getting it all done and thanks for sharing!

Karen Valentine said...

Thespa I'm so excited for you! It must be so much fun planning it all out, gathering all the ideas and inspiration you can so that when the time comes you've built yourself exactly what you want! I know it will be FABULOUS when it's all finished and I cannot wait for the unveiling!!
Thanks for sharing what you are doing!!!

Creative Grammie said...

Aloha Thespa,
I'm sure you're going to have an absolutely amazing studio. Can't wait to see it when it's done and filled with your goodies and treasures. You will share with us right? LOL
Thank you for sharing even tho' your studio wasn't quite ready.

Raine said...

Oh what a wonderful visit! I can hardly wait to see how your new studio turns out.... Thank-you for sharing!

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