Monday, July 11, 2011

Great Grandma's Chair - Antique chair makeover

 This is my great grandma's chair. It has been so wobbly and rickety for so long it hasn't been able to be used. I've had in mind to take it apart for some time and reglue it so that it can actually be used again without breaking something. And this past weekend I got to work.

 First I removed all the edging that was held on by upholstery tacks.

 I then started removing the old fabric and stuffing.

 Down to the bottom layer of stuffing in the seat.

 and the strapping on the back.

 I discovered that this chair was stuffed with curled horse hair. (I've been reading about this and have found that you can actually reuse the old horsehair stuffing if you wash it first, and that is what I plan to do as least in part.)
 Last layer before the spings.

And then I found this very old paper wasp nest. Extremely fragile but really neat.

I made it down to the springs. Fixed the broken piece that was making the chair wobbly and used hemp cord to retie the springs so they aren't all shifty and then did some sanding last night. I plan to paint this chair and cover it with some coffee sacks I have. It will be in my studio along with my grandpas watch bench, and my great grandpa's jewelers bench, and my grandma's quilt. 

Speaking of the studio, I'm kind of at a standstill on that at the moment. I'm up to the point where I need to do the electric and I can't get ahold of my brother who is a master electrician to ask him some questions.
As soon as I talk to him I will get back to work on it. 
Delays are so frustrating when I'm so so close! LOL.


MosaicMagpie said...

This will be great when you are finished. I recently did a redo on my Great Grandmother's Pie Safe.
So fun restoring well loved piece to use on a daily basis.

Lynn Stevens said...

What a great project and really special since it came from your Grandma. How cool had no idea they stuffed it with horsehair!!!
I Love that your studio will be filled with things from your family. Makes it even more special.
hugs Lynn

Kathy said...

hmmm, horse hair? Isn't that something?
This is a beauty and I know it will be perfectly lovely when you are finished. Loved seeing the process of de-construction of this piece. A nice tribute to your grandma.

Suz said...

That was fascinating! Kind of like a dissection in high school science class. Upholstery has always seemed like a mystery to me so this was really helpful. I really hope you will do the same thing when do the finishing work.

littlepearl said...

Interesting post :)


wow it's like I landed in Heaven here...this blog design is amazing, your studio, the details you have displayed showing your design are an inspiration & will certainly keep me going.
be back soon..when your done come visit & get will be a beautiful place to create! Love your keys & curtains too! xo Laura

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