Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thinking ahead...Decorating the Studio

So Rodney and I will be putting shingles on the second half of the studio roof tomorrow. Taking a vacation day off work. We should have that done in the morning. In the evening after it cools off a bit I plan to start working on the floor. As it is plywood I will have to fill holes with wood putty (which I'm doing tonight) sand, sand, sand, and remove dust. Then tomorrow evening I get to paint the first layer of paint on the floor...
I've chosen Behr Floor & Patio paint after much investigation online which I saved to
If you are interested in seeing all the options.
And the color of my floor will be Jamaican Mountain...
Behr has a really fun app that allows you to see samples of their paint colors. You can use your own photo or one of their sample photos (as I did) 

Since my walls will be made of a material that doesn't accept paint well I decided to put the paint on the floor. 
This color may look bright at the moment but I plan to stencil a lace "rug" in the center and then use stain to age it all a bit so the final color will be a little darker and slightly blue-green.  Knowing I was going to do this, I chose a color lighter and brighter than what I actually wanted so the floor doesn't look too dark afterward.

I bought a vintage lace table cloth on Ebay yesterday that I love the pattern of. And it has stains so it isn't like I'm going to ruin perfectly good lace with spray paint. From what I've read it's good to spray a light coat of adhesive to one side before laying it down for a stencil, then you "lightly" spray paint over it which leaves a beautiful lace image.

I just love all the florals and the pretty edge shapes. I think it's going to look great spray painted on the floor. 
After all that I have to put 3 coats of polyurethane over the top. So this project is going to take some time.

I just can't wait to get this project done. But I know it's going to take some patience with all the waiting for layers to dry.

Wish me luck!


Angela said...

Sounds mah-ve-lous!

In My Blue Room said...

Thespa I am sooo excited for you! We just built me a big 7x7 rubbermaid shed in the back and I so wanted to decorate it and make it all cute, but it is for overflow storage!! Can wait to see you progress with this adventure!

Auntie Cake said...

Hi Thespa,
Looks beautiful! Sp glad you finally have your own space! You definitely need it and deserve it! I have a feeling your family is never going to see you in the house again! Hope you had a great 4th of July weekend. We are exhausted from all the partying we did. Playing is hard work when you are grown up!
Have a great week, share more pics!

chezjolly said...

Love that blue color!
-Jessica & Holly

apinkdreamer said...

your blog is amazing!!!!!

Lynn Stevens said...

Oh Thespa its going to look fabulous with that color and a lace stencil on the floor. I can't wait to see the finished pictures, You have got to be getting so excited! I'm so happy for you!!!

Thanks for entering my giveaway and best of luck GF
hugs Lynn

FredaB said...

i can't wait to see that lace pattern painted on the floor., It is going to be gorgeous. You have both worked so hard and with your husband's injury you still have managed it.

Good luck to your both and can't wait to see it when finished.



Something Special said...

I am sure that your space when it is done is going to be out of this world. We all can't wait to see it. I love your blog look. I sure invokes a certain feeling that my heart can relate to.

Upcoming events...

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