Monday, June 27, 2011

More studio progress

My husband and I have made a lot more progress on the studio this weekend.
We put the last rafters in the roof, decked it, put down the tar paper, and got half the shingles on. We also got most of the sheeting on the outside walls, all that is left to do on that is cut the pieces that will go around the window and door as well as the gables and that part will be done.
We are very tired and my hands feel like someone took a belt sander to them but we got a lot accomplished and are feeling good about it.

Since my oldest daughter is on vacation with her girl scout troop for the next 9 days and took my camera with her I took a couple of video clips to show you what we did...

This one shows our two cats at the end. Starry, named for his starry blue eyes, is part Siamese and is adjusting to being an outdoor cat during the summer, he's an excellent mouser. And Bob, short for Bobcat, because he survived an attack where he lost his tale, we met him shortly after. He was a wild cat that kept coming up to eat Starry's food and we slowly got him used to us and now he'll let us pet him. He's really become such a sweetie. 


Sugah Beez said...

You must be getting so excited!! I am so excited for you - a blissful space is just around the corner. HUGS ~ Heidi

Lynn Stevens said...

Its looking good! and Starry and Bob seem right at home already. bet they will spend lots of time keeping you company!

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