Thursday, May 26, 2011

Inspired Remnants Curious Dreams WINNER!

I'm quite excited as I found out today that I won 3 different prizes in the Inspired Remnants Curious Dream blog/release party.
I won a copy of Inspired Remnants Curious Dreams from and by Kerin Gale
I had actually already bought this at Barnes & Noble and loved it so I'm giving this copy to a friend to enjoy.

I also won a pack of  Silputty silicone mold making material from the Strange Dolls blog

And I won a signed copy of Steel Wire Jewelry by Brenda Schweder
Can't wait to get it and check it out.

I was so hoping to win one of the Aves packs so I could try the Epoxy clay but I am happy to have won such neat prizes and I broke down and went ahead and ordered my clay today and hope to be creating with it soon. You will undoubtedly hear about it...LOL.
Yeah! Thanks so much for all the fun.


The Cranky Queen said... lucky gal!

Lynn Stevens said...

ohh congrats! I won two prizes, The book and some clay, can't wait to get them in my hot little hands.
hugs Lynn

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