Monday, April 25, 2011

Wet, wet, wet!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter weekend. Ours was wet, wet, wet! And still going. Rodney and I were joking that we may have to abandon building the studio and start building an Arc. 
Last I checked we lived in Arkansas not the Amazon rain forest, LOL. 
We had an indoor Easter egg hunt for the kiddos because it was just too nasty to do anything outside. They had a lot of fun though. 
I got some projects finished last night. 
A really pretty layered scarf that I've been wanting to make for a long time and a cute little business card holder.
Now if I could only find the battery charger for my camera I could take some pictures. 
Hoping to get some pics up soon. 

Have a great week!

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Sharon Wengel said...

Yep ! An ark is sounding pretty good right now , this is crazy ! I'm glad I am on high ground .Just a few miles north of here in Branson the folks on lake Tannycomo are getting washed out again .

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