Monday, April 18, 2011

A fun surprise and feeding my absent muse!

When I got home today the newest issue of Somerset Studio was in my mailbox and after looking it over I found this advertisement for the June issue of Sew Somerset and saw my artwork. How fun!

 Last friday I went to a yard sale and picked up this cool old cabinet. Solid Walnut, cute little metal castors and it had a hand written list of albums from the 1930's taped to the inside of the door (that I carefully removed and of course that will be used in some artwork somewhere, wink) I just love it and I picked it up for only $10.

My daughter had an exhibit in the National History day State competition this past weekend so I drove down state with another mom that I met at the pancake breakfast fundraiser and we left early so we could stop and browse some of the flea markets on the way. Not only did I find a wonderful new friend that shares my same love of vintage things (you should have seen my mouth drop at some of her vintage displays in her house), I also found some really neat old STUFF! A nice big vintage jewelry box that has large compartments to put my larger things in (I've been collecting these neat old latch jewelry boxes and I've got a great stack of them going in my studio space) a really beautiful fabric Easter antique postcard, a gorgeous antique photo of a wedding couple, a lovely old brown embossed Kraft foods caramel box/glove box, and some great old metal miners tags.

This is the caramel candy box before and after I painted it. It was just the thing I needed to get back to creating. I'm nursing my muse back to health. 

Sunday my youngest daughter and I did some crafts together. We made Sculpey flowers for her garden. I love working with Sculpey Light, it's great for making things that aren't too heavy.

"Abbi's Garden"
Abbi has her own garden next to our walkway, made use of an old plastic tub and filled it with dirt. She gets to plant whatever she wants. Right now it has a whole bunch of cherry tomato seedlings just sprouting up and a mother in law tongue.

I'm feeling inspired right now.


Lynn Stevens said...

Well Congrats seems to be in order, I'll have to keep my eye open for your art in the new magazine, Way to go Thespa!! Great finds too. I like the new finish on the box you did.
Hugs Lynn

Suz said...

Nothing like some good flea market shopping to get that muse aroused!

Congratulations on being published in Sew Somerset. I will look for your art in there!


stampdiva said...

Congratulations on your article in Sew Somerset. I will ook out for that.
Great finds.

Diane said...

Thespa, so glad to see you back! I hope your Muse hangs around longer this time. It's no fun when she hides, is it!
Hugs, Diane

She Uses Her Words said...

Congratulations on your upcoming article. I just love that magazine!
And what a great buy on that cabinet. Swoon!
xo, Karen

Auntie Cake said...

HI Thespa,
Congrats about being published. I was over here what seems like a long time ago, my computer has been acting up, I thought I had left a comment but apparently my computer and I aren't in synch.

Love sweet little Abbi planting her garden and making the tags for it! That is so sweet. I can sometimes get my youngest daughter to help me with the gardening, but I would so love her to have one like Abbi does. What a treasure!

And I love all your new finds, can't wait to see what magical things you create with them!

Hope you had a glorious Easter with your family. We are finally having a beautiful day. It was long overdue and I am loving every second of it!

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