Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Building the Studio


Friday we got the footings for two walls put in. There was already and existing 20x20 footing but my studio is only going to be 12x12 so we had to pour footings for two walls.

Sunday we started putting everything together.
Blocks were leveled and we started putting in the floor. Here are 3 4x8 shipping pallets set in place and screwed together already.

Setting the last block down to place the last floor piece.

And there you have it. A level floor in only a few hours.
We got the first wall built and were about to raise it up and screw it down....

And then hubby broke his ankle. :(
Love you babe!


Angela said...

Bless his heart!

Sugah Beez said...

So exciting to see an art nest being created! Poor hubs - broken bones are no fun.
Have a beautiful day ~ Heidi

FredaB said...

I felt so bad for both of you when I read this post. Your poor guy.
Sometimes bad things happen but time will heal and before you know it you will both be back out there building again.



Lynn Stevens said...

oh no!!! Here I was waiting to see all the walls up. I'm so sorry to hear your hubby got hurt, hope he feels better soon
hugs Lynn.

cat said...

Ouch! Hope the hubby feels better and mends quickly! Your studio's beginnings looks awesome! How exciting to create a brand new studio!


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