Thursday, January 20, 2011

I'm Dreaming BIG! Are YOU?

I've got the itch to do something BIG! 
I'm planning out several projects of Installation Art.

Nothing like covering a river with fabric or like "The Gates" but something on a much larger scale than what I am used to. Up to now the largest work I've done is probably somewhere in the 20-25 inch range. 
I'm now thinking "feet" and trying to decide how many yards of fabric will be needed and how much tea will be needed to dye it all, LOL.

I would like to know what YOUR BIGgest project up to now has been. What kind of challenges did it pose to you and did it turn out like you planned or take off in it's own direction?


dogsmom said...

Other than snow sculpture (laughable results) and sidewalk art (thank goodness for impermanence) my largest artwork to date was a latched rug wall hanging.
It took a month or so between college classes. I carried it with me. I think 5 foot by 3 foot or a bit more. Other than scraped knuckles from the way I used the tools, I loved finishing it (even framed it myself) and the overall look. A great sense of achievement.

Netty said...

Oh wow thats big.........scary... am still building up to 20inches....and it could take some Annette x

Becca said...

Just dropped by to say hi! Sure sounds like you've got your hands busy in a big project! I don't really have much space to work with, so I mostly do small things. Someday I would love to have a studio large enough where I could sew a king sized quilt! Good luck with your project and congratulations on being published in CPS too.

Rebecca said...

Hi Thespa
Congratulations on your publication!
I love that magazine
So you are working a little larger these days, I have done some wall murals... that is my largest projects and they were a lot of fun.
Wishing you a great big fun week

Auntie Cake said...

Can't wait to see what you come up with! Right now my biggest project is entering second quarter grades. That is big enough for me!!!

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