Friday, January 28, 2011

Feedback Please! What free classes do you want to see?

Gearing up to start production on class videos next week.
I would love to have your input as to what kinds of mixed media art classes you would like to see.

I plan to make various smaller technique based tutorials as well as larger project based tutorials.

So if you wouldn't mind answering the following questions in a comment and then ask others to do the same I would very much appreciate the info.
1.What kinds of techniques would you like to see in a video class?
2. What kinds of projects would you like to see in a video art class?

p.s. I've got the site totally operational now. I was having some problems getting the video slider on the main page to work but now it looks like everything is running smoothly.


The Altered Paper said...

I would like to see videos on basic stamping techniques,making paper and ribbon roses,tying a pretty bow,creating layers(ribbons,fabric,roses etc) on tags and other mixed media art projects.
I would also love to see videos on Altering Composition Books,Hard Back Books,Altered Spoons,and creating keepsake boxes,paper shoes,paper purses etc. Teresa

Miss Sandy said...


I am sure anything you teach will be fantastic! I would love to see some mixed media jewelery making techniques as well as just some basic jewelry making, this is something I am not well versed in. I would also love to see how you layer your fantastic paintings like the Bible cover you did recently, it looks so rich in color and texture. You go girl, this is going to be great!!!!

Lynn Stevens said...

I'd love to see some ideas on book binding. I know what ever you do will be fabulous!!!

Dorthe said...

Hi - I would like to see something including Beeswazìng paper, in layered collages, and well, almost everything you will doo :)

xo, Dorthe

Auntie Cake said...

Ok, I want to see it all!!! And the journal, of course... everything the three commenters above is in my wish list also... You are going to be one busy girl! Can't wait!

ntsisterz said...

Found objects incorporated into designs, atc's and canvas art, please.

Diane said...

Thespa, anything! You are the master with metals. If there are easy techniques for metals, that would be great - something that doesn't require a torch!
And aging things. We all like to make things look old, tarnished, tattered, beleaguered! LOL!

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