Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Finding a man named "Jack"

Did you ever have an idea for a project and know exactly what you need to complete it or start it but were unable to find that key item?
Maybe it was a special button or a certain color paint, no matter what the item might be, you just know it's out there but yet it's elusive. 

That is where I am right now. 
Trying to find the perfect vintage photo of "Jack" a character in my new series of stitched mixed media works. 
In my mind "Jack" is a slightly scruffy looking fellow, though in his best clothes he looks haggard yet he's still a young man. He has the look of a man that has worked as hard as he can and still can't get by. 
I've looked through so many old photos online, at flea markets etc but no deal. 
It can't be a tin type cause they are too dark and too small, he can't be dressed too finely, ideally the photo is from the waist up in a sitting position facing right and it must be an original photo card (just because I prefer working with originals). 
Now you see why I'm having a hard time.

If you have something like this in your stash and wouldn't mind sending me a pic of it, and wouldn't mind selling it if it happens to be the "right Jack" please let me know. 

If you have had this problem before tell us about it and if you ever resolved it or if you are still waiting for the right piece. Who knows? Maybe someone reading today will have "the thing" you are looking for!

Have a happy day!


Miss Sandy said...


I will check my stash of instant ancestors (flea market found photos) and see if I have Jack in my possession.

I did ask for a supply recently and another blogger had it! We did a little swap and we both came away happy!

Hope you find Jack!

Createology said...

I do not have Jack lying around here. If I did I would certainly send him to you. Good luck finding Jack. Isn't this typical how we women try to find just the perfect man?!?! :o) Hahaha

Thespa said...

LOL, That is too too funny! LOL

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hey Thespa,
Hm, I can't help but I could suggest a few bloggers sites~I'm not sure if that's ok?
Email me if you'd like my suggestions.

Heidi Meyer said...

Hi Thespa!
Stopping by to send you Happy New Year wishes for 2011!

Will check my stash to see if your Jack is hiding there. ;-)

Have a great one! Heidi

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