Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What I've been up to... -MOM NO PEEKING!

I've been busy lately, although it may not look like it if you were to read my blogs. I'm getting ready for Christmas and that means handmade presents. Even though none of the things I'm making now are part of my mixed media artwork I still wanted to share what I've been working on.
For my youngest daughter who is so into Barbies this year I am going to make a Barbie house out of a bookshelf so I have made some things to go in it. This couch with pillows I made up as I went along with scrap fabrics and trim, the area rug was made up of pieces from a fabric swatch book, and the coffee table is a ribbon spool covered with fabric with an embroidery thread spool base.

A bed for Barbie complete with a superplush mattress. Wish I could make a mattress for myself so easily.

And of course Barbie needs clothes so I made up these dresses and stockings. The strapless bodice pattern I got online from Janel, she has a free pattern you can print and it works great! 
I made this one reversible. These dresses are split completely down the back and are closed with only one piece of velcro so they are very easy on and easy off, this ensures mom doesn't have to take off and put on every single piece of Barbie wear every 3 minutes, LOL. not that I mind helping but it's no fun if you can't play with your own toys.


And for my mom, Susan, I made these book marks. She reads a lot and I'm working on several other items in this theme. 
I found this box of cocktail napkins at a yard sale several years ago and just recently came across them again in my stash (that says something doesn't it?) They are from 1954 (the year my momma was born) and they are so cool!
I just love all the designs and the little plastic parts glued on the fronts.

So what are you up to this busy holiday season? I would love to hear all about it!


Lorraine @ creativedaily said...

As a child I loved playing with my Barbie's but must admit, they didn't have clothes like these! They are adorable. And the furniture - fantastic! Great job.

Createology said...

My you have been a busy lady Miss Thespa. I love your attention to detail on all the Barbie furniture and dresses. Makes me want a Barbie doll. And your bookmarks are beautiful for mom. Happy creating...

Netty said...

Ooh you have been busy Thespa and making such beautiful things, love them all. You make me feel so lazy as am so far behind with everything. Annette x

Auntie Cake said...

TOTALLY cool Thespa! Love them! And so is your daughter. You are going to have the best Christmas!

Sandy Michelle said...

I love the book marks girl! I just bought some old hankies with chores for every day of the week. Happy crafting!

Sandy xox

WW said...

Such a great idea for the Barbie house, and so cute too. You can guarantee no one else will have that gift.
I love the couch!

BettyCupcakes said...

The reversible Barbie clothes and lux Barbie bed are amazing! I was a dollaholic as a kid- American Girls were my favorite. What a lucky little girl!

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