Thursday, November 18, 2010

Trying something different-a Christmas present adventure

Still working on presents for my youngest, things to go in her new barbie house. I've been seeing all these wonderful Sculpey miniature foods and thought these would be perfect for a Barbie.
I've never really played with Sculpey much, maybe a few things here and there but nothing like mini foods. 
So I went in search of a tutorial that would teach me how. 
I found lots of great videos on YouTube for this subject and got to work. 
I made...
Chocolate chip cookies
pink cupcakes
blueberry pie
Chocolate cake with strawberry icing
toast with jam
french bread
a bowl of peas
and pink candy canes for the season.
I didn't think I had it in me, when I started I figured it would be a waist of time and that they wouldn't turn out right, but I guess sometimes when you try something new it works out. 

So for this holiday season I challenge you to try something new, something you didn't think you could do but always wanted to try. And let me know if you do, I want to hear about it.
Happy Holidays!


Linda said...

How fun! I know your daughter will love it!

Diane said...

She is going to love those food items foe her barbie House, very creative. I will have to think about what challenge craft I would like to do. Hugs, Diane

Gail said...

Hi Thespa!
Those are adorable...your daughter is lucky! I've never worked with Sculpey but I've heard great things about it so maybe I'll give it a try soon. I know my dd would love making things with it, she's 10yo.
Thanks for reminding me about it...:)
Happy creating....

Createology said...

Are you certain you weren't a sculpey baker in a previous creative life?! These are fabulous and look good enough to eat. Happy sculpey creating...

Auntie Cake said...

Love all your mini's. Why don't any of mine look like those? I love miniature things, thinking about finding my old doll house so I can play with it!

Lynn Stevens said...

How adorable, a little girls dream. Shes going to LOVE them and her barbies will too. They will have to go on a diet by New years! LOL

Nancy Maxwell James said...

these are all so fun! your daughter will love them and Barbie - she might add some pounds to that waistline of hers! :) Have a wonderful weekend!

Sandy Michelle said...

OMG those are sooo cute! I plan on trying wood peg dolls as Christmas ornis this year. Let's see if I'll have the time though. Have a great Thanks Giving!

Sandy xox

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