Monday, October 11, 2010

Tutorial: Recycle old Pillowcase into Hand Stamped Ribbon

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Now onto todays tutorial...
This is a quick and easy tutorial that shows you how to make hand stamped ribbon out of an old pillowcase.

I buy old pillowcases for their decorative crochet trim and for their embroidered designs to use in my mixed media stitched projects. I'm left with the rest of the pillowcase that happens to be perfect for stamping on because of the tight weave of the fabric. 
You will need:
1. An old light colored pillowcase
2. StazOn Permanent Ink Pads
3. Rubber stamps of your choice
4. Scissors

Ink your stamps with StazOn permanent Ink and stamps your designs in a row following the grain of the fabric.
Cut a slit at the edge of the fabric with scissors then grasp both side and rip the end of the pillowcase off.
Cut a slit at the beginning of your stamped column then tear the remaining length.
Cut slits to determine the width of your ribbon then tear each section into strips.
Clean up ribbon strips by pulling loose thread off the sides and wind them onto a card, spool, or old clothespin for storage. This is great stuff to make up in advance and have on hand for any crafty day.
Come back tomorrow for a layered flower tutorial with free pattern!

And bring a friend!
Have a great day!


Laurie said...

How fun is that! I really must try it! Thank you for the great tutorial!

Diane said...

Yes! Yes! Yes! I do the same thing, Thespa! I've done it with linen too! We just can't waste this wonderful fabric, can we!!! You go!!!
Hugs, Diane

Auntie Cake said...

Beautiful! Off to check out my linen closet for old pillowcases! I definitely need to keep some of that on hand!

Thanks for sharing!

My Blessed Serendipity Life said...

Love this idea! I can't wait for the flower project.


Createology said...

Love this idea and will definitely give it a try. I always need something on hand that is easy and ready for creating. Thank you so much. I keep voting and you must win with all your talents!!!

Lululiz said...

What a good idea to stamp the fabric before tearing the strips, I have only ever stamped single motifs onto torn strips. I like the idea of using a big background stamp instead.

Lynn Stevens said...

What a Fab idea!!!! You get my vote!
I can't thank you enough for all your wonderful goodies. I hope you saw the post I did on it! and (I so look forward to being able to play with it all.
Thank you again Thespa, now off to place my vote!
hugs Lynn

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Thespa,
Oh Fabulous Tutorial!
Thank you sooo much for sharing.
I've voted and I'll be back with my friends.

Barbara Jean said...

This is great. Thank you!

Tried to go vote, but it would not accept my password, Tried several times.

I'll try again later.


barbara jean

Emakesart said...

Such a great idea! and I love how you wrapped it on an old clothespin, very clever!


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