Friday, October 22, 2010

Just one of THOSE days...

I've just had a "Manic Monday" on Friday! It's not supposed to happen I tell ya! Fridays are supposed to be the "good days" the end of the work week, freedom eminent, but NO! 
My Friday Morning started something like this...

Rodney shakes me..."Babe, we're late!" "It's 7:15 how many buses have we missed?"
(We have to get 2 kids on 2 different buses in the morning so we have time to drive the oldest to her class before school or we will be late for work and the kids will be late for school)
Me..."All of them, ughhhh."
We get up, get the kids ready for school, by this time my oldest is too late to get to her college class at the high school before school starts so we will have to take her directly to the Jr. High instead and we are trying to figure out who is riding with whom. 
Rod is worried cause the tires are really bad on the suburban and not sure if it will make it across town to take kids to school.
So I elect to take the oldest and middle child to schools across town so Rodney won't have to drive very far.
Ah we're finally all ready and in the car, turn the key, car starts, push on the gas, something doesn't seem right but we're in a hurry and gotta get going.
Get halfway down the road and have to pull into a church parking lot as my check engine light starts flashing and car is running very poorly, has that coil pack finally gone out? Probably. ($200)
Rodney drives by a few minutes later on his way to take the youngest to school.
He drops her off and follows me to the convenience store which is thankfully across the street from the Jr. High so we've got 2 kids delivered and 1 to go. We decide I better get back home while the car can still make it and we don't have to hire a tow truck.
Rod takes middle child across town to school and I head home. It's 7:45 now and we are supposed to be at work in the next town over at 8. Yeah, not happening!
In the car on the way home I'm thinking to God, please Lord just a little good news today would be great!
(Day isn't over yet so maybe there is still a chance.)
Rodney gets home, we both head off to work, gotta stop at another convenience store to put air in the tire and get some caffeine.
We made it to work at 9:15. 
And the s**t storm just keeps getting worse and I am without an umbrella!
What is next? 
It's such a Jonah day!

Things that were on the plus side this morning...
My 5 year old got right out of bed and started dressing herself with no whining as is usual for the morning.
I was able to find a hair brush and actually got to brush my hair before getting to work today.
There was no arguing between children this morning as there wasn't enough time for it. (hmmm maybe we should be this late everyday)
And even though I wasn't named Cloth Paper Scissors Artisan of the Year today, my artwork will still be published in the Jan/Feb issue of CPS!
 I was able to finish stitching a new cuff bracelet while I waited for Rodney to get back to the house this morning...

 I do so hope your day is going better than mine, although mine could be worse I just hope it doesn't go there, LOL.


Netty said...

Thespa I adore your bracelet, its gorgeous. Annette x

Jan scrap said...

Pretty bracelet considering your mad day! Maybe you now have a Manic Monday 'credit' ;o)

Createology said...

Your cuff bracelet is fabulous and so glad you could create such beauty out of chaos. Better days ahead...

Ataraxia said...

It's very, very nice!!!

Diane said...

Oh my....I know what you mean, and yes, these things are supposed to happen on Mon., not TGIF day!
Mine was yucky because of computer issues! So...misery loves company...sorta! LOL! Must be because tonight (Sat) is the full moon! I think it "zapped" your cars and my computer!
Hope your weekend is better!

vintagesue said...

that is pretty funny. isn't it great to have junk on your side!! hahaha. i always say it is a good distraction. love the cuff!!
congrats on your publication!!! wow. i love all those crafting books and blogging/studio magazines. so cool. you should be proud.
hang in there

Lynn Stevens said...

oh my gosh Thespa, What a day you had, makes me glad my little one is all grown up. Congrats on being published, your cuff bracelet is amazing!!
Thanks for entering my giveaway!!
Best of luck.
Hugs Lynn

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