Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Do YOU wanna swap?

Just found the WE SWAP blog.

A neat place where artists can go swap their handmade items for other artists handmade items. 
I think that's pretty neat and a great way to get wonderful handmade gifts for your family and friends.
I would love to swap and I plan to post something soon.

But for now I have one of my "Decayed Elegance" cuff bracelets to swap with someone. 
Do any of you crafty ladies have something you would like to swap for it.
The We Swap blog will only allow you to swap handmade item for handmade item,
but I am open to swapping for vintage trinkets, junk drawer stuff, handmade items, pretty much anything neat and old or just having a vintage feel. 

Do YOU wanna swap?
Send me an email with a photo of your swap item or leave a comment with a link. 
Hope your week is great!


Barbara Jean said...

This is so beautiful!
Hope you find a good swap.
I'm not that confident yet.


barbara jean

Gail said...

It sounded like a great concept, but when I went over there the first offering was a "third nipple" pin and a penis key ring......not my cup of tea......:(

Gail said...

And I meant to add, I'm not that much of a prude, but the prevalence of tasteless items on the internet just amaze me!

Thespa said...

I just went and checked that out. The first one I saw was a pretty bracelet and then I saw the one you were referring to. Um, gross, tacky, and completely tasteless. But after looking over the rest of the site I believe that was a specific swap between two people (strange people at that) but the rest of the items were neat. You would think that whoever runs that blog would prevent that sort of thing, kinda runs people away from that sight. Anyway sorry for that shock, that will teach me to pay closer attention next time. Hope your week is great!

Julie Ann said...

Gorgeous bracelet!!! I would Love to swap with you... I will look around to see if I have something worthy- lol. That blog is really neat! A great idea- thanks for sharing :)

Suztats said...

I'm in for a swap! I do an assortment of things, but perhaps the most unusual is that I tat. You might like to check out my blog to see if my stuff appeals to you. Hugs from Suz

Dragonlady said...

Beautiful Bracelet, I wish I had something to swap for it, but I have been slack in creating lately...but I like this barter system....

Yavonne said...

Love love love the bracelet. You are very creative.

Sara said...

I would love to swap with you, Have a look at my blog to see if my art is something you might like. I dont mind doing a commission piece for you. hugs Sara

Marlene said...

Love your blog, it's just so beautiful and inspiring. This is a great tutorial. I'm looking foward to seeing more of your great posts.

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