Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Yard Sale Find! Antique Christmas Ornaments!

I've been collecting antique ornaments for about 10 years. They are few and far between and usually when you find them they are ridiculously overpriced. I really lucked out last Friday though. I stopped at 1 yard sale on my way to work (that is all I had time for, oh an did I mention I only had $3, LOL) and there in the middle of a table piled with normal yard sale junk was this box of treasure. There was my prize, several unique antique ornaments, with no price. I almost didn't ask because it has been my experience that when there is no price an item is usually more than I want to spend. But my curiosity got the better of me and the lady said...

10 cents each! Oh my! Uhhh, "I'll take all of them please!"
 That first one I believe is a clown playing sax, it's not in the best of condition with it's chippy paint but it's fun and that's what I like about it, and did I mention he was only 10 cents! Woo-Hoo!
I love this one with this scene on one side and a tree on the other side, plus all that wonderful patina on the glitter glass around the edge is awesome!

 I adore this little glass house although on the back side one of the corners is cracked, I'm a sucker for turquoise and of course old glass glitter.
And these are not so old but I love concave ornaments and they will look nice on my tree this year.

I also wanted to share some of my most favorite ornaments in my collection...
 Owl ornaments are not all that uncommon but one in this shape is a little more rare than most.

A unicorn is very unusual.
 This is one of my first collected ornaments, It is Czech beaded and I have never seen one like it anywhere, more common are geometric shapes etc. This one is extremely rare and I will never part with it.
My "princess" I call her Anastasia
And my old magician, he is in excellent condition with all original paint still intact.

Anyway, these are a few of my favorite things. Thanks for visiting me. Have a great day!


julie miller said...

What a lucky find for you!! They are all beautiful! Don't you wish that kind of luck would happen everyday?!? Smiles, Julie

Sandy Michelle said...

Score!They're gorgeous!


jen said...

Wow! What a haul! Those are some of the best I have ever seen! Thanks for sharing them. Hope you had a great summer.

luvs and glitter

Lynn Stevens said...

What a find, I would have bought them all too!

Linda in New Mexico said...

What a lovely set of circumstances and ornaments too....they are all lovely. Lucky ducky you. The Olde Bagg

Angela said...

They're so beautiful, I'm so happy you found them!

Diane said...

Very cool collection of vintage Christmas, very cool. oxox, Diane

Diane said...

You're kidding! 10 cents each! This has to be the bargain of the year! Great find, Thespa!!!
Hugs, Diane

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Great finds and what a deal!!!
Have a wonderful weekend!

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