Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Happy Slow Thinker & Free image

I read this poem today and thought to myself, "This fits"

The Happy Slow Thinker
by Edgar A Guest

Full many a time a thought has come
That had a bitter meaning in it.
And in the conversation's hum
I lost it ere I could begin it.

I've had it on my tongue to spring
Some poisoned quip that I thought clever;
Then something happened and the sting
Unuttered went, and died forever.

A lot of bitter thoughts I've had
To silence fellows and to flay 'em,
But next day always I've been glad
I wasn't quick enough to say 'em.

I'm that way when I get mad and want to finish and argument, but I never can find the words I want to say. But now that I think on it, I AM glad it takes me time to collect my thoughts, instead of just blurting whatever hurtful thing might come to mind.

I love the stair prop in this elegant antique photo, don't you?

Hope you have a great day!


marie said...

This is such a beautiful image - the staircase is the perfect touch. Thank you for sharing it with us!

Nora said...

LOVE that poem! I'm one that always has the quick n ready comeback. Usually pray that the Good Lord put his arms around my shoulders & His hand over my mouth! *LOL*
Thanks for the pic - great details on that stair railing.

Tess said...

My but how I can relate to that poem. The pic is lovely. That staircase is gorgeous.

Sandy Michelle said...

I too found it beneficial to hold off in my reaction! That sure is a lovely image! BTW, thanks for the congrats!!

Sadny xox

Tarnished and Tattered said...

Hi sweetie,
Thank you for sharing that beautiful poem with & image. Love it. Also, I wanted to tell you that your comment on my last post meant so very much to me. I really appreciate what you said. Lisa

Diane said...

So true, Thespa. Maybe sometimes it really is good to not be the type of person who has a ready snide remark to someone's even more snide words.
I guess it's a blessing to have at least appeared to have taken the higher road. ;-)

genzoddy said...

Well doesn't that poem just say it all! I love it! But most of the time I'm glad I can't think that quickly. Thanks for sharing! I love your blog! Karen

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