Friday, June 4, 2010

Yard Sales - How do I Love Thee

Found a few things for some projects I'll be working on this weekend, I'm so needing to make something! That old tin is first on my list, I've got plans for it. I'll probably work on that small cigar box as well, and those crochet curtains are gorgeous (see the price? 50cents for both! can you say Sa-Weet !?)
At the same yard sale I found these vintage jewelry pieces, for 25 cents a piece...* WOW!*
Some of them are collectible and will be resold, some will make great pieces for use in altered jewelry.

Yard Sales - How Do I Love Thee?

Let Me Count The Ways!

1. My favorite reason is because I get to shop and shop and still not break a $5 bill
2. I can get my deal fix in without breaking the bank or even making a trip to the ATM
3. I can find all the vintage goodness I love to make art out of, that one could never find in a store
4. I get to be a mighty hunter without shooting anything, LOL!
5. I can find brand new items to hide in my closet for spur of the moment gifts and Christmas presents for almost nothing.
6. when you are bummed out because you are completely broke it helps to be able to shop and a yard sale is the only place you can scrape up a hand full of change and walk out with a bag full of goodies to play with.
7. Sometimes you get lucky and you find really great stuff for very little money and then resell it for a lot of money.

These are only a few of the reasons why I love Yard Sales.

***Why do you love them and what was your most favorite find at one?***

See that boy in the front, Yeah the 11 year old that is taller than his teachers (and his mom), That's my son William and he graduated from the 5th grade today. He'll be in middle school next year, I can't believe it. Where did the time go?


A Vintage Chic said...

What fabulous finds! Love all that beautiful jewelry...lucky you!

Congratulations to your handsome son--time really does fly by!

Hope your day is wonderful!


Malisa said...

I was a Middle School Principal for many years. You have some fun years ahead of you! Seriously! Kids are really fun at that age...despite hormones!

Nora said...

What fantastic finds! Sure can't do that well here in Utah...everyone hangs on to the good stuff ~ even "junking" can be difficult! *LOL*

Congrats to your son & I can totally relate on them getting taller than us. My 14 y/o (the middle child) is now 6'2" - I'm 5'10" and absolutely HATE it when he rests his arm on my head!


Debby said...

WOW!!! Yard sales were very good to you today, beautiful.

Diane said...

Oh I love yard sales too, it gives me the fix I need but I spend very little, my latest was a lid for a soup tureen just the lid and today it sold for $105 yippie, how do I love thee.... Hugs, Diane

Diane said...

I am now a follower! Stop by my Blog and visit! Hugs, Diane

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Wow Girl,
I found you while I was blog hopping because I loved your blog name. Then when I clicked heart is happy because I must confess...I love yard sales too!
Your art is wonderful...I just wanted to stop in and let you know that you are my twin at heart :)

So Dark So Cute said...

I also loveeeee them! Here in Holland we cal it neighbourhood trash market or fleamarket. LOL! I went to a couple today and my feets are still hurting! I also bought 14 small crockets(dont know the name for it) for €0,50 a piece! Theyre usualy for a table and to put something on them. And i bought 2 small vintage pictureframes for 1 euro and an old clock for 1 euro. oooooooooh! how i love these markets!

auntiecake said...

Congrats to the mom of a middle schooler! And I love it that he is tall, I am too! My son recently caught up to me, and it is so weird to have another person in the house that is my height. I am used to the hubby, not used to the man child...

I also love garage sales. I was so happy a couple weekends ago when I hit a neighborhood sale. 78 sales in one city. I took my dad and we totally looked like hillbillies. We had a dresser sticking out of his trunk. It was hilarious. But I found great things, and the best part was that my dad was totally like, "I am going to pay for this." It was awesome!

Love those lace curtains, love that tin and that cigar box is heavenly. I can't wait to see what lovely creation you made this weekend!

Have a good week, here's hoping more sales this week!

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