Thursday, June 17, 2010

Vintiquities Market setup & Poem  Please visit and follow for updates!
I'm getting very close to getting my Shop open! Yeah!
I've finished designing my header and my background, figured out how I want the shop set up, learned a lot of things about html that I won't be using but glad to know anyway, and finally yesterday found an amazing and seriously easy to use shopping cart for my site. 
When I went looking for an easy way to integrate my PayPal account into my site to accept payments I got very frustrated, all I could find were individual buttons you could add after every single post or complicated information about programming in html (which I was going to attempt cause I learned a lot about it) but then I came across this...
30 online tools every blogger should use
and that is where I found information about "Ecwid" 
It is an extremely easy to use and FREE shopping cart system that you can fully customize and place into any blog. They have more detailed versions that you can pay a monthly fee for, starting at only $17/month but the FREE version ROCKS and is perfect for my little shop.
It is compatible with PayPal as well as several other online payment systems.
To set it up it's a very simple copy and paste, it's so simple my children could have online businesses in a day.
Now all I have to do is get my pictures up and running for my "catalog" and I can open for business. 
So excited!

Now for a sweet poem...

by Edgar A Guest

You cannot gather every rose,
Nor every pleasure claim,
Nor bask in every breeze that blows,
Nor play in every game.

No millionaire could ever own
The world's supply of pearls,
And no man here has ever known
All of the pretty girls.

So take what joy may come your way,
And envy not your brothers;
Enjoy your share of fun each day,
And leave the rest for others.

(Love how all of his poems are in a "man's" thoughts, dates all of his poems)
Hope you "enjoy you share of fun" today!


Becca said...

Hi, good luck with your shop! That HTML stuff drives me crazy it took me like 3 days to figure out how to design and post a blog button on my blog, not sure I'd tackle that again! LOL Have a great day. :-)

Netty said...

Wishing you all the very best Thespa and lots of success. Annette x

Qetzal said...

Thank you for your kind words about Ecwid.
If any question appears, feel free to contact our team, we'll be glad to help you! : -)

Paula said...

I am looking forward to your shop opening ... wishing you the very best of success too!
Have a beautiful weekend!

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