Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Canvas Covered Art Doll House & Buried Treasure

Using one of the canvas covered houses I made this weekend I decided to make an art doll house, I made the doll first so that I could see what direction she would take me, at first I imagined a very colorful doll with a 50's retro feel, obviously I didn't go in that direction, somehow "Gloria" didn't want to be all that colorful. She wanted to be decked out in all her vintage finery and loved up old things. Her house had to match so she decorated it with old mother of pearl buttons, antique sheet music, a page from an old ledger, and some hand dyed vintage lace. (the screw head had a neat old green glass button on it but it wasn't attached very well and will have to be put back on tonight) Tim Holtz Distress Ink helped give the canvas an aged a grungy look. 
"He who holds the key of happiness unlocks the hearts of all." -TKM
Her gown of fine hand dyed lace and ribbon hangs long and flowing.
I love old rhinestone jewelry, it reminds me of playing in grandma's closet, dressing up in vintage clothes, wearing old hats,  and playing with old costume jewelry. It doesn't matter what the piece looks like, when I see one I'm a little girl again. 

 Now I want to show you some buried treasure. My dad and my grandpa both loved metal detecting and while going through dad's things we found a couple of little buckets full of metal detecting finds. It's a lot of old junk still covered with dirt but it was found treasure and it's treasure to me too. Maybe I'm weird for wanting to sift through all this dirty stuff but there were some things that really caught my eye.
These are my two favorites. My first favorite would be the delicate hand holding the American Flag, There's just something about that flag, do you remember after 911 when you couldn't  go anywhere in the US without seeing a flag? Where are they now? I was driving down the road the other day looking for one and didn't see one anywhere. About 10 minutes later I finally saw one at a bank. It's sad to me. I have a flag hanging on my house. I've got a sticker on my car. Kind of makes me wish I could drive down the road and have them all up and down the poles like they used to be. 
Anyway, my second favorite is that four leaf clover pin. 

An old pocket knife, a college pendant, and an old rhinestone earring  are just a small sample of the variety in my treasure box.

Thanks for stopping by, hope your day is a happy one!


Gail said...

Love your doll house! That's just beautiful, as are the treasures that were unearthed...we have a flag on our house, the only ones on our block unfortunately. Dh and I were just lamenting the fact the other day that people don't put flags out anymore, very sad to us too. I find it sad that people aren't patriotic anymore with the exception of a couple of holidays...

Cindy said...

Your blog is positively STUNNING! I just linked to it yesterday and made something for your challenge...(I finally finished by 2 am and got it posted on there....You are so talented...Love the doll house...actually, I love everything on here...

I am in New Orleans...I didn't see where your blog says you are located...Well, you are a true inspiration!
Cindy Adkins

A Vintage Chic said...

Oh, you lucky girl! What amazing treasure you found! Love the hand with the flag, too--we notice that as well...we always fly our flag, and definitely notice a lack of others around...very sad.

Your art doll house is wonderful! What a creative soul you are!

Hope you have a beautiful day!


Martina2801 said...

Exquisitely crafted!!!! So beautiful!!!!

Lululiz said...

Wow, a box full of real found treasure, I think that makes those pieces extra special. The four leaf clover is gorgeous.
The art doll house is really exquisite, I love it.

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Love your "buried treasure" doll...really precious.

Oh to have some of the many things my mother and dad threw or GAVE AWAY that belonged to her parents....who had lived in that same home previously for over 50 years....then my parents lived there for another 45....lots of goodies....of their own too.... LOTS !!

BUT.... when they MOVED from Chicago...I was living in Missouri..and could not afford to come back to help them move....(had three small kids at that time )
I missed a lot of the decision making about who got what.


You have some delightful things there to choose from...for future projects too...lucky you.


Debby said...

I love all your beautiful treasures, but your doll house it totally amazing. What a gorgeous piece.

Diane said...

Thespa, the doll and house are wonderful!! And about flags...I had a request today for a patriotic theme for one of my licensees. Many of us do still wave our flags! :-)
Going to check out the link you posted.

Oh...before I forget...metal detecting...wish I had one. It would be so much fun! And you've got a box full of detected treasures!


Becca said...

Beautiful art piece! I LOVE all the old metal pieces you are going through, I think that would be so much fun to dig through and find a special something for your art. :-)

Paula said...

Oh Thespa! Your doll is STUNNING!!! I absolutely LOVE HER!!! Is she by chance for sale???? I hope that I was not too forward by asking ... but she is too lovely for me not to take the chance to inquire ...

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