Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ashes to Ashes

Today we put my dad in his final resting place. It was his wish to be cremated and his ashes spread in the same place as his best friend Ted's were. My dad and Ted were best buds most of their lives, they did many outdoor things, camping, hiking, hunting, caving, you name it, they even built a sailboat together.
Today we honored his wishes, his second wish was to have the first diamond he found, buried with him. My dad was a lover of the Diamond mine here in Arkansas, if he had a vacation that was where he was going, his grand plan was to retire and live close to it so he could go everyday, of course that never happened but he found many diamonds there over the past 20 years and this was the first one he found...

It was a beautiful day today. Not too hot, not too cool, breazy and overcast with no rain. A wonderful time to be outdoors.
When we first got where we were going, there were a lot of rocks along the river. I set out thinking in my head I want to find a cool rock to take home with me and make a necklace out of, something unique...
I found a stone that had been worked, it was probably destined to be a fishing weight, or net weight, long ago, there is a perfect circle carved on each side of this rock that has been ground down on both sides into a semetrical shape. You can see where it cracked before the hole could be made all the way around and so it was abandoned. This is my special piece of dad's resting spot.

That's my brother and I. He's so tall, it's totally not fair, LOL. (And that, way in the background, the guy in the water, would be my stepbrother Don, he's so nuts, that water was freezing and he's swimming! It's only just now May)
The guys started skipping stones to see who could skip one all the way across the water.
This is Kris Knight, Ted's son. He's my brother's best friend. He took us out to show us where his dad's ashes were so that Dad and Ted could always be together in the wilderness. Best bud's hanging out together forever.
This is my husband Rodney. Skipping rocks too.
Pete, Kris, Rodney, and my step-mom Joyce. And below...
It was a beautiful place and a beautiful day.
Rest in peace dad. I love you.


Shelly said...

I SO love that you had such a nice memorial/remembrance with family and friends!

I love this ALL so much more than a stuffy ceremony in some place full of things that truly DO NOT represent a loved one's life!

What a great time/place to remember! I'm sure your dad would have loved you all for doing it this way! What special memories you have created!

When my mother died about a year and a half ago,,I ordered TONS of desserts and chocolate Truffles......that was my MOM,,,,,She loved her sweets and I wanted to share that love with others!

They are with us. In the air we breathe, the thoughts we think, the laughter, the insight ...They are with us always!

Thank you for sharing. This was beautiful!

Big, big hugs!

Chris said...

Tissue Please.

Laurie said...

Oh, you made me cry. Bless you all for a day out remembering and honoring your father. You chose a wonderful resting place for him.

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