Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Silver Bella OR Bust!

I found out about the Silver Bella event last year while searching through blogs and it really caught my eye. There are so many wonderful classes you can take, so many wonderful vendors with their vintage goodies, and so many creative people that I would be so ecstatic to meet.
By searching through those blogs I decided that some day I was going to go to Silver Bella. So my new year's resolution this year was to save $10 a week so that I can go to Silver Bella in 2011. Now $10 a week may not sound like much to some people but I'm kind of stressing about it actually. I just hope I can keep it up till next year without needing the money for some unforeseen emergency.

See my savings jar that I've decorated all up for the occasion?....

So far I have been saving every week without missing one, so at this time I am on track for next year. 
But yesterday was the first day to sign up for classes this year and I can't tell you how much I have drooled! I may need to replace the keyboard soon, LOL.

The instructors for this year are awesome!

Go check out the amazing classes they are offering at Silver Bella this year...
You won't believe your eyes.
For more information...

If I could go this year these are the classes I would want to take...

Bonaparte's Gift by Kaari Meng
Prize-Alicious by Sally Jean Alexander
An Award Winning Brooch
Sally Jean Alexander is going to be there, I am a huge fan of hers, I have her book. Her work is so inspiring to me. I would give anything to take one of  her classes and can only hope she is teaching next year so that I can.

The Secret Inside the Bottle by Lisa Kaus
 Teacup Fairy by Beth Quinn
"OK who am I kidding! I would want to take ALL of the classes!"

Do a Google search for Silver Bella to check out all the great blog posts about last years event.  The dress up, the shopping, THE SWAPS! OH MY!
See the pictures, get inspired, and come with me next year. 

Or if you are lucky enough to have been to Silver Bella before or are going this year, I would like to know everything about it!

Silver Bella or Bust!
Have an amazing day!


Shelly said...

I love your Silver Bella Bank! Too cute!

I'm going this year, I haven't been on a vacation in ages and my dear blogging friend Lulu Kellogg and I have talked forever about meeting each other, so we're meeting at Silver Bella, kind of in the middle!

I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that you get to go next year!


Debby said...

Good for you! That is something to really look forward to. Love your bank, awesome.

Diane said...

Thespa, Oh, some place I'd love to go someday too! But I don't like to fly anymore! And it's soooo far away! *sigh*

Beautiful job on the "mad money" container!


Alice W. said...

I have wanted to go for a couple of years now but it has never worked out money and time wise...but how exciting to be saving up to go! Love your inspiring savings cute! said...

I just love the idea of making a pretty bank to save for your dream trip. I know you will have an unbelievable time & make many new friends. I'm attending my first ever art retreat this summer & can't wait. How fun to spend time with like minded women, do nothing but create, learn, shop & bond all weekend. Keep saving those pennies! Lisa

Nelly said...

What an inspiring post. I'm there with you on Silver Bella and needing to save for it, so I think I might use your idea and save bit by bit so I can become a reality for me too. Maybe we'll meet there, eh? Love your saving jar and I would take exactly the same classes you listed here; what awesome creations.

gm glimmerglass said...

I love yrou Silver Bella bank and the idea behind it. Great, inspiring artwork and blog!

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