Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patrick's Day! with a 1920's twist

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
So, yesterday the 1920's beaded flapper dress I ordered off Ebay came in the mail. And I was so excited I just had to make SOMETHING with it. So I tried my hand at a collage necklace, above.
The dress was made of silk chiffon in a lovely shade of green. The silk was tattered because the intire thing was covered with glass tube beads and adorable little rhinestone beads making it very heavy and unable to withstand the ages. There were many splits and tears throughout the dress making it ideal for reuse in crafting.

Below are pictures of the dress, oh and the adorable belt that came with it, love that buckle but I'm reselling it on Ebay starting today at 12:30 if anyone is interested, I'll post a link after it starts. 
The dress however will remain in my stash so I can look at it's aged sparkling goodness whenever I want. 
I've removed the top portion and am thinking about pinning the skirt to my dress form, which I still haven't finished. I can't help but wish it was in better shape and that I could wear it, maybe it's the little girl in me trying to come out and play dress up. I was always a sucker for shiney things. Although diamonds I really could care less about, how strange is that, but my husband gets off easy, LOL. Chalk it up to having lots of diamonds and gold lying around my whole life; my grandfather, my father, and my mother all had their own jewelry businesses, so "the finer things" just aren't that interesting to me. You would think I would have become a jeweler but it just never worked out.

Today I was going to post some pics of post cards and the stories they have on their backs that caught my eye, but that will have to wait till tomorrow.

Thanks for visiting me and I hope you have a very special day!


Auntie Cake said...

My goodness, that dress takes my breath away! What a stunner!!! I am right with you on wanting to be able to wear that baby... Sigh... I do so wish I had one of those for my very own. So sad that the silk is in tatters. I think that is the price one has to pay for being so beautiful and delicate!

I am so glad you got that dress, and I so wish you lived across the street so you could show me how to make one of those necklaces!!! I need one of those too!

Have a great day, you have your green out for St. Patrick's Day!
PS- one car is now limping along :) Might not make it very far, but at least it now starts and Dan is driving it so I am no longer stranded in the middle of nowhere!

Something Special said...

Thespa, I still don't have an address for you to send out your scrapbooking prize from special paper projects. I have been checking my email addresses and have not found it. I just really want to send it out to you. thanks Michele

Little Brown Sparrow said...

Such a beautiful dress! I always forget to check eBay from the states and the UK, there's never anything interesting on the Australian eBay and when there is it costs an arm and a leg.

I grew up surrounded by Victorian stuff- Dad collected the machine/utility stuff, Mum was into the domestic frippery and my brother went for the architecture and fashion. As you can tell, I went with the cobbled together, make-do stuff and the ragged classes that none of them were interested in. Isn't it funny how some kids go the opposite way of their parents and some follow behind? My older brother is the 'white sheep' of the family, he doesn't care for Victorian stuff at all!

The Rustic Victorian said...

Oh yum! just YUM!!!

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