Monday, March 29, 2010

Handsome Little Guys - Free Vintage Images - & a prayer

I had a long weekend. Had to work Sat and wasn't feeling well Sun but managed to get to Lowe's to get some wood for fixing the roof on the back deck. (first step to getting my new studio & some extra room for the family) 
So today I have some images of two adorable boys to share. Free for your use.

Isn't this little man just too cute with his jumpsuit hat and ball? Such a cutie.

I also want to send a prayer out to my little cousin Connor. He woke up with a very high fever this morning and I hope he is feeling better very soon.

Hope you all have a very happy day!

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Diane said...

Thespa, you started something with that wonderful bird pattern! Freda B's making them too and I made some for my daughters for Easter. Now I'm making butterflies! Can you just ever get enough of playing with paper? I can't! Thanks for the fun!
Happy Easter,

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