Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A few fun projects to brighten the day!

This is my Abbi. She is my youngest and she loves hanging out with me when I'm "making art". One day I'm piddling away with my playthings and she came up to me and said "Mom, I want to be a artist like you when I grow up." I just about started crying. LOL. So we went to the store to get her her own supplies so that she could begin her lifelong career. This layout was a lot of whimsical fun. (little hint: I LOVE Tattered Angels Glimmer mist)

This is the cabinet I made to hold my mists. It was a plain old unfinished wood piece from the thrift store. I think it made it's way to distressed aged and sufficiently turquoise and brown quite nicely. (another hint: I LOVE turquoise and brown color combos and many things in my shop,and my house for that matter,  are those colors)

Thanks for visiting and have a happy day!


The Lone Dollier said...

Blue is one of my favorite colors too. You did an excellent job on your cabinet. Kudos to you!


Brynwood Needleworks said...

I love it when the kidlets want to follow in our footsteps. Such a blessing!

Jeanette Janson said...

Thanks for the birthday greetings, Thespoena! Hope you will pop by and visit again :)
Awesome cabinet! I can't believe you created this finish. The color is just beautiful...it reminds me of verdigris.
Have a good day~

Kathy-Catnip Studio said...

I want that cabinet! Gorgeous...

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