Friday, November 20, 2009

Winter is Coming Free vintage snow image

Winter is on it's way. We had our first snow flurry here in NW Arkansas two days ago. The snow flakes were so fine you couldn't see them only feel them touching your face and melting instantly. It was a wonderful experience to just stand with eye closed face toward the heavens and feel the first snow. I found some sleds at a yard sale this summer for the kids and we're hoping to get a good enough snow to use them this year. It seams like every year we get less and less snow. So anyway hope you like todays free graphic. It's from a 1904 children's book.


pk said...

That's a great graphic! Won't be long here and there'll be plenty of snowballs to throw. :-) Hope you're having a good weekend.

pk @ Room Remix

Sandy Michelle said...

Cute graphic! I wish I could ship you all the snow we get here in Canada..LOL!


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