Friday, November 6, 2009

Recycled Spice Jar Flower Storage

I am a big fan of reuse, recycle. So when I come across spice racks at thrift stores and yard sales I grab them up. They make great storage in the craft room.
This is my process...
Wash the bottles and dispose of old spices.
Take the old gold transfer letters that labeled the spices off with a scotch scour pad.

Get an assortment of silk flowers from your favorite craft store. These came from Hobby Lobby, I love their 50% off sales! (HINT: when looking for flowers to use for this purpose pay close attention to how the silk flowers are made, you don't want one that each petal has been hot glued to the next, kind of defeats the purpose and removing them from the stem is nearly impossible)

Pull all the petals off the flowers and place them in the jars for later use on scrapbook pages, quilt projects, mixed media designs etc.

So collect all the colors your little heart desires and have a pretty display as well as a most excellent storage device. The brown wood is pretty but I may sand it down and change the color to match my turquoise and brown aged color theme.

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