Saturday, November 7, 2009

Frugal? No, I'm cheap!

I'm always looking for ways to create and recycle, reuse. I love the look of beeswax on artwork. I also love the look of vintage, aged and distressed. I came across this giant 100% beeswax candle at a yard sale. It was broken into 2 pieces and had been burned a couple of times. It was $1. Needless to say I snatched it up instantly. Now when I want the look of beeswax I just pry off some chunks from this candle (which will probably last me the rest of my life it was so big) and melt with my heat gun. Is it perfect, pure, and clear? NO. Does it have small chunks of matter from being burned and darker aged coloring? Yes. Does this bother me? No. Usually when I'm working with beeswax I want an aged distressed look so this really adds to the look I'm going for.

1 comment:

vintagesue said...

good for you!!!!!! i shamelessly spent $12 on some beeswax pellets the other you are thinking out of the box. good idea!!!!
thanks for sharing

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