Monday, November 9, 2009

Brag Monday with the Graphics Fairy

So one of my favorite places to visit on the web is
Karen is a very sweet gal that gives of her time to find and post free vintage images on her blog. My header on this blog is made up of several images from her stash. Thanks Karen for all you do.



Karen- The Graphics Fairy said...

Hi Thespa,
What a beautiful header!! Your background is gorgeous too!! I really love the old sepia colors, you did a wonderful job. Thanks so much for playing along today for "Brag Monday"!

Mama Holli said...

Hi! Mama Holli here! Your blog looks so beautiful!! I know a lot of work went into this!! Don't ya just love the Graphics Fairy!!!
Thanks for sharing!
Mama Holli

Edie Schmidt said...

Fantastic this just looks great!

Godelieve said...

Great color scheme on your blog layout! Love how you did the header.

Nancy said...

Gorgeous know there is wonderful sights to see on a blog when the header is this unique and artful.

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